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The Styrian “Institute for the Prevention of Addiction" VIVID was founded in 1997 and is working on behalf of the Department of Health of the federal state of Styria. Since March 2007 VIVID is the coordination centre for the Styrian Tobacco Prevention Strategy (

VIVID, headed by DSA Claudia Kahr, consists of the following four departments:

  • Department for the Prevention of Addiction in infancy (zero up to ten years)
  • Department for the Prevention of Addiction in adolescence (starting with eleven years)
  • Department for Public Relations
  • Department for Knowledge Management
  • Department of Tobacco Prevention

Our goals

It is our main goal to deter or delay the onset of addiction.

The prevention of addiction focuses on adults, adolescents and children by providing all individuals with the information and skills necessary to prevent addiction (universal prevention). These measures aim to strengthen, or enhance, the capacity of single persons and groups to act, communicate and above all deal with crises and conflicts.  Furthermore, it is important to support the ability of individuals to indulge, experience and boost the feelings of self-worth and self-efficacy.

In regard to particular subpopulations with a specific risk for the development of substance abuse, such as children in families with parental alcohol misuse, we also focus on measures in terms of selective prevention . Selective family-based prevention, for instance, focuses on families at risk, most notably because these families are not reached by traditional prevention approaches like parents' evenings.  

VIVID also wants to improve the way addiction is dealt with in society. Therefore, we want to sensitize the population for the issue of addiction by informing about the conditions for the development of addictions and the need for, as well as, opportunities for the prevention of addiction. Additionally, there is a need to enhance the knowledge about legal and illegal substances and their usage as well as about certain addictive behaviour. Knowledge is the basis to act.

The use of legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol depend strongly on culture and norms as well as on the general acceptance of use and the availability of these substances. A further goal is to implement so called environmental prevention strategies that operate on the (societal) level of social, formal and cultural norms about alcohol and tobacco.  With these strategies prevention of addiction seeks to shape attitudes, normality perception and values regarding legal drug consumption.

In order to achieve these goals, the prevention of addiction needs to be defined as a principle of action on the political level – addiction is a collective duty. This principle must be applied in all socially relevant areas – particularly in the domains of business, social matters, health, family and safety.

Our duties

Information and Counselling
VIVID is the leading resource for information about addiction and prevention of addiction. We inform the styrian population about these topics and provide boards, organizations, decision makers and the media with expert knowledge. For us consulting means the passing on of know-how. As independent advisers we offer our expertise concerning addiction, psychoactive substances and related prevention strategies.

Projects and Education
We develop preventive projects and programmes specific to the target-audience and impart knowledge, tools and competence to implement measures of the prevention of addiction in areas such as kindergarten, school, youth work, family, local authority and companies.
With our seminars, workshops and presentations we most of all want to optimise the knowledge and the decision-making power of those persons who daily deal with infants, children and adolescents – not only in theory but also in practise.

Knowledge management and Research
Our activities are well-grounded on a scientifically based approach to the issues of addiction and prevention of addiction as well as the findings of practical experience. A science-based approach to prevention strategies is of great importance. This focus on seriousness and objectivity comprises the permanent extension of knowledge as well as the monitoring of our activities.

Networks are of vital importance for the prevention of addiction, because exchange and cooperation aid the sharing and establishment of new knowledge. Furthermore, they help to emphasize how the issue of addiction must be dealt with in common. Therefore we engage in various networks in order to support the prevention of addictions.

We offer

  • a specialised library with more than 1.000 publications on addiction and prevention of addiction
  • reference books, brochures, current studies, statistics and further information material
  • online information via our institute homepage
  • basic presentations and seminars about drug prevention
  • a variety of courses, trainings and educational offers concerning the prevention of addictions
  • seminars at companies about different prevention topics
  • support in the organisation and realization of drug prevention projects